Why is Canada a great place for Software engineers?

Why is Canada a great place for Software engineers?

Canada is a great place to learn, share and gain knowledge and understand people from different parts of the world. Our 23rd Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered a question on Quora about "why Canada is a great place for software engineers?"

This is his answer

Justin Trudeau: We know that one of the great drivers of innovation and creativity, particularly when it comes to problem-solving (which I know engineers love), its diversity. Having a group of smart, capable people focused on the same problem from a range of different perspectives, backgrounds and lived experiences are much more likely to come up with great answers than a homogeneous group would.

Why is Waterloo a top recruiting spot for silicon valley?

The reason the University of Waterloo is the top recruiting spot for Silicon Valley certainly has to do with the incredible multiculturalism of its graduates, and not just for the high quality of education. And that’s true right across Canadian schools and institutions. And we want to encourage that actively, by reaching out beyond our borders: Our global talent stream will facilitate a two-week work permit processing time. As such, companies in Canada will be able to bring in highly-skilled international workers. High skills usually include engineers, quickly and efficiently. It will give employers a faster and more predictable process for bringing in top talent and new skills to Canada. We want to help high-growth companies bring in the expertise they need quickly. That is one of the reasons why we slash the processing time for a Canada visa application from six months to just ten business days.

The government commitment

On top of that, our government is committed to evidence-based policy and respecting academic freedom while making the necessary investments in pure and applied science. For example, we have more STEM graduates every year in the province of Ontario than in the entire state of California.