Steps to come to Canada as a Student.

Steps to come to Canada as a Student.

Many students are not aware of the steps to come to Canada as a Student. To help you have a better idea of what you need to do read this article. As you probably already know, completing the immigration process is not always easy. However, if you take some time to read the instructions on the Government website, you will reach your goal easily. As a platform that believes that you don't necessarily need a consultant, we want to bring out crucial information. These are the steps:

Search for a school  and programs that align with your initial skills

If, in your country of origin, you were studying mathematics, you can search a program close to what you did. For instance, many universities offer programs related to your initial plans. You might have to check for the requirements of many of those schools to see if you fulfill them. Some schools are more competitive than others. And hence, applying for a program without reading requirements will result in a loss of time and money.

Apply before that dateline

Once you found a school and a program that is convenient for you, you need to apply for a session before the dateline. I would advise adding extra time if you need a visa. Depending on your country of origin, it might take longer to process your visa compare to others. That is the reason why you need to be on the safe side.

Apply for a CAQ (For students coming in Quebec Only)

If you are coming to Quebec, ignore this step; you can go on the next steps. To study in Canada, you need a CAQ. A CAQ is a document that proves that the Quebec government is allowing you to come and school its regions.  You need to count approximately seven weeks to get the CAQ. However, to be sure to have the right information, I will advise referring to the official website. Visit the Official website.

Apply for the visa

You have two options if you want to apply for a visa for Canada.
  • Apply Online by creating an account and filling your information.
  • Or apply on paper. Here you will need to download all the PDFs and fill them.
See more information about how you can apply for a visa here.

Go for the Biometry

The Government of Canada recently introduced biometry for some countries around the World. If your country is among the list of the concerned countries, you will have to do it. Get more information about Biometrics by visiting this link.

Send your password for the visa

If everything goes well, you will receive a message to send your passport for a student visa. Note that, where you need to send your passport depends on your location. Check the government instructions to see where you need to address. A complete guide about how to apply for a student visa is on the Canada website.

Conclusion about  the steps to come to Canada as a Student

Coming to studies in Canada requires precise planning. You need to,
  • first of all, take time to find a program. You will surely have tonnes of options but bear in mind that you may want to search for a job afterward.
  • Secondly, send your applications on time - You need to estimate in the function of all the steps requires
  • Thirdly, keep on eyes on your emails or dashboard for any message for the next steps.
If you are looking for a program of study that can enable you to come Canada as a Student; use our platform.  Note that our tools will provide the list of schools, programs and some necessary information. But, you want more details, click on links to be redirected to the school's website.