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As an International student studying abroad and planning for your future is quite sportive and a platform to gain knowledge but there are a few things you might wanna know before arriving in Canada.
When you are moving to a different country you face challenges and many hurdles which every international student needs to prepare for and since many years Canada is considered to be one of the most welcoming countries for international students. Here we give you some points to consider before you come to Canada as a student:
  • Once you receive the acceptance letter from a Canadian Institution and if you prefer to study in Quebec province you will have to get CAQ confirming your place, then it will take 3-5 weeks for the process of visa application and the tuition fees can vary depending on your country of origin. Once you get your passport stamped with the visa you are ready to book your flight tickets.
  • Be prepared for the weather, it gets cold here. As everyone knows that Canada is a cold country, the winter weather starts usually in November and last throughout late March and early April, however, the length of winter differs by region. In winter the average temperature is -15 degrees Celsius but can drop below -40 degrees Celsius with severe snow storms. But even the winter looks beautiful too and you can expect bright sunny days from the month of June and enjoy the summer. Make sure to get warm clothing if you are going to arrive during winter.
  • The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world. Approximately an International student has to spend a minimum of 1000$ per month for his/her expenses such as Room rent charges (including electricity, water), Groceries, transportation, bill payments (mobile, credit cards), other expenses etc. Every province has a different price depending on which place you choose to live in.
  • Canada is a Multicultural and liberal Nation. Here you can find people coming from different country hence Canada is an open-minded nation. You can make many new good friends even though you don't belong to the same country. This makes Canada a beautiful and friendly country.
  • There are mainly 2 official languages in Canada: English and French. Most of the French-speaking people reside on the eastern coast in Quebec. If you got admission in Quebec province you might want to learn basic French before arriving so that it makes communication more easier. Later you can even enroll in French classes if you are interested to learn French.
  • Yes, many of the international students suffer from homesickness in the beginning but its okay, time teaches you everything. You just have to focus on what you need to do and achieve your dreams and build your career.

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